We require you to complete a Patient Information Form (PIF) prior to your initial consult.  You can do this by either:

  • arriving 10-minutes before your appointment and completing the PIF in person in our waiting room; or completing our online PIF before your appointment here
  • Patient Information
  • Worker’s Compensation (Optional)
  • Video & Photo Consent
  • Patient Medical History
  • Review & Submit
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Personal Details


Health Insurance Details

Does your private insurance include hospital cover?
Are you a DVA gold / white cardholder?

Referral Details

Emergency Contact Details

Hospital Admission

Have you been an in-patient or worked in a hospital / care facility in the last twelve months?
Is this appointment regarding a motor vehicle injury?
Is this appointment regarding a workers' compensation injury?

Workers' Compensation

Authority For Release of Information

I give permission for you to forward confidential information regarding my injury, the treatment I have received and guidelines for return to work to my employer, insurance company and rehabilitation provider.

Workers Compensation Accounts

I understand that should my claim be declined by my insurer, I will be responsible for paying for any unpaid accounts.

Please Note: If this is a new injury and you do not know the above details, please check with your employer and telephone your surgeon’s rooms with this information as soon as possible. Failure to pass on this information or rejection of your claim by the insurance company will result in you being personally liable for any invoices raised in the course of your treatment.

Video / Photo Consent

Mr Jeff Ecker regularly and routinely takes photographs and video of patients on their initial presentation, during their treatment and surgery, at the post operative management and the outcome after treatment. The main purpose for these images is for open communication and research to continually strive to improve treatment methods and contribute to the overall knowledge of the medical community. For you, it means that your management will be carried out in an open manner. Not all patients will have videos and images taken. This depends on the facilities available at the time of treatment.

In order to do this, Mr Ecker requires your consent. It is important that you are aware that you can decline to have imaging taken of you during your treatment.

It is important for Mr Ecker to know that you are aware of the following:

  1. Your treatment will not be prejudiced if you do not give consent.
  2. If your imaging is used, it will be in a de-identified manner so that nobody will recognise who you are.
  3. If you are a Workers’ Compensation case, your images can be shared with the referring caregivers, on site occupational health, the insurance company and your employer.
  4. Your images may be used for teaching purposes to teach young doctors and post graduate surgical trainees.
  5. Your images may be used in international presentations. Mr Ecker regularly travels overseas and speaks internationally. Your images may be included in these talks. Again, if this is the case, they will be de-identified and no one will be able to link you to the images.
  6. Your images and your clinical material may be used for research purposes. The objective of research is to continue to improve the management of conditions of the upper extremity. Baseline data is continually required to know whether or not new treatments are better than the old treatments and to identify problems with current treatments that are not recognised. These images may be viewed in your follow up consultation and may be graphic and confronting. Please advise staff if you do not wish to view your images.

Mr Ecker would appreciate if you would let him use your information in this manner, however again refusing to have images made will not prejudice your treatment.

You may wish to consent to certain uses of material and exclude others. If you have any comments, Mr Ecker would appreciate your feedback.


Mr Jeff Ecker will record photographs, video or digital images of me during my medical treatment, including but not limited to my initial consultation and assessment, surgery, post-operative procedures, and any follow up consultations, performed by Mr Jeff Ecker which will be:

Patient Medical History

Are you left or right hand dominant?
Are you taking any anticoagulants (blood thinners, i.e. Warfarin, Xarelto, Plavix, Eliquis, aspirin, fish oil)?

Medical Conditions

Do you have, or have you ever experienced, any of the following medical conditions?
If a condition is not listed please provide it in the 'Other' field below.


Please tick the box of any allergies you may have.
If an allergy type is not listed please provide it in the 'Other' field below.

Anaesthetic Risks

Please tick the box of any anaesthetic risks you may have.
If it is not listed please provide it in the 'Other' field below.

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Health Insurance

Referral Details

Emergency Contact

Hospital Admission

Workers' Compensation

Patient Medical History

Submitting the form

By submitting this form you confirm your consent for us to collect this information from you for the primary purpose of providing quality health care and confirms your acceptance of correspondence via your email address and SMS. The information will also be used for administrative, billing and debt collection purposes, and for referrals and requests regarding your healthcare.

I consent to the information contained in this form being shared with the HAND AND UPPER LIMB CENTRE for relevant treatment and/or research purposes.

Please sign on the dotted line below.
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