Injury management is tailored to the individual patient’s needs.
Mr Ecker communicates closely with the patient, referring doctor, employer, insurer, and occupational physician to perform:

emergency trauma surgery,
operative treatments,
non-operative treatments,
return-to-work strategies,
a specialised hand therapy service*,
detailed reports and assessments (including medico-legal reports, WPI measurements, and final impairment evaluations),
in-person or online case conferences.

It is advisable workers’ compensation patients have a referral from their doctor, employer, occupational health officer and/or insurance company, but it is not essential.
As a patient you can choose your treating surgeon and can inform your employer and/or insurer who you would like to be your specialist treating surgeon.

*Mr Ecker works with specialist occupational hand therapists at the Hand + Upper Limb Centre (HULC) to achieve optimal patient outcomes.

Mr Ecker set up HULC to provide a pre-eminent hand therapy service to compliment his surgical services so that patients may have the best resources available to them to assist with achieving the best possible injury management outcomes. Mr Ecker established HULC and accordingly has a financial interest in the service. HULC therapists are trained by Mr Ecker and are highly regarded hand therapists in Australia, and assist Mr Ecker with collating data and research with international studies and educational presentations.

Referring Employer