Post-operative Information

You will be seen post operatively either the day of surgery, or the day following surgery. This will take place with a Hand Therapist. You will have dressings changes, a splint will be applied if required and you will commence an exercise programme. It is extremely important the hand is kept moving to avoid the development of contractures, pain and stiffness which can be permanent. The therapists will assist you with your exercise programme and will follow you up on a regular basis if you require supervision of your exercise and splinting programme.

An operation report will be sent to yourself, your referring doctor and if applicable the insurance company and employer (Workers’ Compensation patients) within 7 days of your surgery. This correspondence explains all aspects of the surgical procedure and post operative management.

Six weeks following your surgery, you will again see Mr Ecker in the clinic. At this time if there has been any video or photos taken, they will be shown to you and the surgery and your progress discussed.

If at any time during your post operative recovery, you have concerns about your progress, you develop a complication, your referring doctor has concerns about your progress, or the therapist who is managing you has concerns about your progress, arrangements can be made for you to see Mr Ecker at an earlier date. If you have complications or problems with your surgery after hours, then you can contact Mr Ecker directly or the Hand Upper Limb Centre Surgeon who is on call.