What if I need to reschedule my surgery?

Please notify our office immediately should you need to reschedule your surgery. Your surgeon has set aside dedicated time in his schedule for your surgery, and should you need to reschedule, please allow him to possibly serve another patient who is in need of his surgical expertise. Should you have experienced any change in your health status since your last visit, please contact us as soon as possible. Surgery may need to be rescheduled in the event of illness. Please understand that we will make an effort to accommodate your requested time to reschedule, provided your surgeon’s schedule allows.

What is the difference between an orthopaedic surgeon and a hand surgeon?

An orthopaedic surgeon specialises in medical and surgical treatment of the musculoskeletal system.  This includes bones, muscles, tendon and joints. Mr Ecker not only covers all of the above, but also has specialised training in plastic surgery, microvascular surgery, endoscopic surgery and joint replacement surgery.

What should I bring on my first appointment?

  • A list of questions
  • Referral letter. A GP referral is valid for 12 months, a specialist referral is only valid for 3 months
  • List of allergies and any medications you are taking
  • Workers’ Compensation Details
  • Any radiology / imaging you have had taken of the condition you are consulting him about.

Where does Mr Ecker have theatre lists?

Mr Ecker has operating privileges at St John of God Subiaco, St John of God Murdoch and South Perth Hospital.

How soon after surgery can I drive?

The decision as to whether or not you can drive after surgery is a moral and ethical choice you will make depending on whether or not you are sure you can drive safely after surgery. You can not drive unless you can use both hands competently and take adversive action in the event of an emergency. You also can not drive if you have surgery on the hand which needs to be protested. If you are involved in an accident and have a direct impact with your hand on the steering wheel or the dash board, this could result in a bad outcome after your surgery.

When can I go back to work?

The length of time for recuperation after hand surgery varies depending on the procedure performed. We are committed to individualised care for the patient. Mr Ecker will be happy to discuss return to work issues with you prior to your surgery. Most procedures allow patients to return to work fairly soon following surgery, but the final decision depends on the type of surgery performed and the type of work that the patient will be returning to.

Does Mr Ecker participate in any ‘no gap’ schemes?

Mr Ecker does not participate in any ‘no gap’ schemes. Our surgical fees reflect those recommended by the Australian Medical Association. Medicare and your health fund do not cover these fees in full and therefore there will be an ‘out of pocket’ expense. You will be provided with an estimate of the costs of your surgery before you have your operation. You can then check with your insurance company to find out how much your procedure will cost and how much will be refunded by your insurance company. Please note that the total cost will involve not only the surgical fee for Mr Ecker, but also the anaesthetist fee, the hospital fee and the costs of therapy.